With all matches please arrive 30 mins prior times listed to setup.                                                                                                   

* Please check with club to confirm days and times as these are not held every week.

Tuesday  7:30pm                                                                                                 - 10m Air Pistol 

Tuesday 5:30pm *

- 25m Standard Pistol                                                                - 25m Centre fire / Sport                                                                              - 25m Rapid Fire 

Thursday 2:00pm *

- Bench rest Rifle (rim fire)                                                                      

Saturday  2:00pm   

- 25m Standard Pistol                                                                                - 25m Centre fire / Sport                                                                              - 25m Rapid Fire

Sunday 10:00am 

- Bench rest Rifle (rim fire)                                                                       - Service Pistol 

service pistol will be shot on the first Sunday of each month commencing on the 4th of September 2016


6th August CANCELED and moved to the 12th @ 2:00pm

3rd September


5th November

3rd December

we will shoot pa service match in the morning. if anyone is interested wa1500 match may be shot in the afternoon subject to bench rest rifle all welcome to participate or to watch. any question please contact terry.